The “Adopt a Church” program has been created to not only meet the needs of the people in Port Au Prince, Haiti, but to be spiritually redemptive to the city. We are committed to rebuilding the most credible part of Haitian culture, that is the church.  As of December 2014, twenty-eight churches have been rebuilt.

We believe that if we can rebuild the broken down churches and then resource them with food, water and medical treatment that a few critical things will happen:

1) Criminals are currently preying on tent cities, stealing people’s essentials. A pastor’s heart does not allow the weak to suffer without resolution. Therefore, pastors will distribute food to make sure that the people are being cared for.

2) The people will instinctively follow the resources. We believe that the above action will help people gather around the churches that are caring for them instead of clustering around the tent cities. This will help us treat cholera and other health issues due to the more manageable number of people.

3) Third, and the most important, is Haitian receptivity to the Gospel. As resources are distributed the communication of the Gospel will happen naturally as compassionate pastors care for the people.

We are looking for churches in the States that would be willing to come along side a church in Port Au Prince and help rebuild it. When we say, “rebuild” we do not just mean physically. These churches need help in all areas of ministry. In some cases, a small investment would create vast improvement in the ability to hold church services.

Ask yourself: Would you be willing to send a team to help with the construction? Or a leadership seminar or a marriage seminar? How about a VBS for the kids? In other words take a church, put it under your wings, and help it in all aspects of ministry. What an amazing opportunity to walk along side a church and watch God use you to help another ministry become all that He intended.