Connect 2’s Response To Hurricane Matthew

 Three Priorities

  •  Connect the community to a pastor of a local church
  • Distribute relief supplies through that pastor to the community.
  • By connecting the community to a local pastor the gospel becomes a natural part of the relationship


Three Ministries

  •  Supply food to the pastor of the local church for distribution.
  • Provide medical teams and supplies through the pastor to the community.
  • Provide teams and materials for reconstruction of damaged homes to the pastor for the community.


Three Locations

*These are areas that were affected by overrun river banks, storm surge and flooding, and are close enough to us that we can have both short and long term relationships. We are committed to the long term healing of the community both physically and spiritually.

 Areas That We Are Committed To:

  1. Cite Soleil (storm surge)
  2. Vaudreuil (river over running its banks)
  3. Fond Verretes (flooding that washed out the road, 165 homes lost, 1017 homes damaged, 26 schools damaged, and 10 churches damaged)


Finances Required To Minister To These Communities

Food – $5,000 for logistics and purchase of necessary food plus two containers of food from CHF (we have currently distributed one container)

 Medicine - $15,000 in medical supplies and logistics for medical teams (we have spent about $3000 to date)

Construction - $20,000 for materials and logistics (we have currently spent approximately $6000)