In Haiti, those that face the daily challenge of having a disability are overlooked and disregarded.  Most children that are born with a disablility do not reach adulthood.  Within the church, those with disabilities are often seen in much the way Jesus' disciples viewed the man who was born blind.  The disciples asked Christ in John 9, "who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"  We learn from Jesus' response that it was not about sin, the man was blind so that God could be glorified.

Christ made a great impact in the way that he loved those that culture said were "unlovely." The Church has a great opportunity to demonstrate that same love.  Connect2 is coming alongside several churches in an effort to reach out into the community and love these children and their families.  So far, eleven church preschools are fully operational, and at least seven unsaved families have met Christ.  Establishing additional schools requires many details to be worked out including teachers, facilities, supplies, and transportation.  We trust that the Lord will provide the funds necessary to continue this work as we strive to reach out to those in need.

Please pray for this effort that the gospel would go forth as we strive to meet both physical and spiritual needs.