The rabbit project began in April of 2014, with a clear goal: provide
the 70 orphans of the House of Hope orphanage in Fermathe, Haiti with a sustainable rabbit farm able to produce two meals of rabbit a week. In October of 2014, the population of rabbits had quickly grown to 50, and eight rabbits were then turned into the first meal. The project is currently expanding, with a goal of 50 does (female rabbits) and 10 bucks (male rabbits). With that amount of breeding stock, we should be able to supply the orphanage with 30 rabbits a week, enough for two meals. Our anticipated date to reach the 50/10 ratio is June of 2015. This project is not only about feeding the children, because it is also a way to teach them the practical skill of rabbit husbandry. When they reach the age of 18 and are required to leave the orphanage, our goal is to also be able to supply them with their own pair of rabbits and the skills necessary to have both a food source and a potential source of income. The rabbit project will also be expanding in the future to teaching pastors how to raise rabbits, giving them knowledge they can spread through their communities. Not only will the pastors be able to meet the spiritual needs of their community but also the physical needs.

There are also plans to begin projects with chickens in 2015 and eventually wiith fish.